Linkker and Fortaco will start manufacturing cooperation


Linkker and Fortaco have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim to start the manufacturing of electric city buses in Sastamala in 2015. The agreement is based on the manufacturing of new electric-powered city buses, which Linkker is selling and marketing as well as further developing. Fortaco is responsible for the manufacturing of buses.

Demand for electrical buses is increasing rapidly, Linkker and Fortaco both see that with this agreement they are enable to respond to the growing demand. The growing market is driven by the emission regulations, increase in the

public transportation, overall cost pressure and quality objectives. Electric buses provide higher quality to urban transport, but also lower total costs. In practice, this agreement allows the annual production capacity initially for 200 vehicles in Fortaco Sastamala Business Site and there are also possibilities for broader annual production at Fortaco’s current manufacturing network.

Linkker electrical bus concept is cost effective providing 10-30% savings. Savings are coming from the smaller energy consumption reached by the lightweight chassis, energy efficient drive line, minimized battery capacity and fast charging.

Fortaco has extensive experience in the various type of machinery and vehicle manufacturing, it can quickly respond to the increasing demand. Fortaco has production sites in several locations in Europe; it has an extensive and skilled network of subcontractors.

This agreement is the start of a new type of vehicle manufacturing in Finland, which means the significant amount of new business, as well as work for the contracting parties and their subcontractors.

Concept of the Bus is based on eBUS project, which was funded by EVE programme.

Eero Lukin
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