Innovativeness in Finnish workplaces


The report compiles key results from the Tekes-funded Finnish MEADOW survey (2012–14) based on three previously published research reports. The report reviews the extent to which Finnish businesses and public organisations have engaged in innovation and renewal in recent years. In addition, it explores the participation of personnel in development, the impact of the changes on the work of personnel and the views of personnel on the changes.

In the report, Finnish businesses are divided into four groups based on their activeness in innovation. Particular attention is paid to businesses that in the last two years have produced product or service innovations in a way that involves high work engagement by personnel.

At the end, the report presents 20 development proposals for the development Finnish working life to become the best in Europe in the area of innovation and productivity by 2020.

Innovativeness in Finnish workplaces report (pdf)

Further information:
Chief Adviser Tuomo Alasoini,, tel. +358 50 5577 940
Senior Adviser Elise Ramstad,, tel. +358 50 5577 948

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