Foodduck Ltd brings a new kind of spread dispenser to the restaurant bread buffet

The Finnish Foodduck is a completely new kind of a spread dispenser, and an intelligent solution for restaurant bread buffets, for instance, in staff restaurants, school canteens, and for hotel breakfast buffets. Foodduck is environmentally friendly as it significantly reduces food and packaging waste. The ecological Foodduck spread dispenser will also improve countertop hygiene.

Foodduck is a new way to serve butter-vegetable oil blends, margarine and other spreads, at restaurant self-service counters and in professional kitchens. The user places the slice of bread under the dispenser, and automatically gets the same amount of spread every time.

When starting to use the Foodduck instead of the conventional packages, restaurants will see a significant decrease in packaging waste. Packaging developed for the Foodduck is ecological; aluminium is not used at all and there is much less plastic than in the currently used spread packaging.

The Foodduck improves hygiene and general cleanliness of the bread buffet. The cooling system of the device ensures the optimum temperature of the spread. The spread is never touched by hand thanks to the automatic dispenser and the easy washability of the device. Thus the microbiological quality of the spread is always excellent.

Spread is also no longer wasted, because the Foodduck dispenses the spread accurately and squeezes the spread package, especially developed for the device, empty. This creates significant savings for the restaurant.

"The feedback we have gathered from our test groups has been very positive. Customers have regarded the spread dispenser easy and hygienic to use," says Timo Sorsavirta, CEO, Foodduck. "Reducing food waste is becoming increasingly important to restaurants; it is one of the biggest challenges for the future. The Foodduck spread dispenser in part helps to reduce food waste. "

The efficient use of packaging material and bag packaging are already a worldwide trend. Now this trend is brought to spreads for the first time. Valio, the market leader in all key dairy product groups in Finland, is the development and pilot partner of Foodduck.

"Valio has been involved in this development initiative with Foodduck with a keen interest. This is a great new way to serve spreads in restaurants and in food service outlets. It is also very important to us that the packaging generates less waste and has a lesser impact on the environment," says Kari Toikkanen, packaging development manager at Valio.

The Foodduck enables, in addition to fats, the distribution of many other spread options in restaurants.

Foodduck is a Finnish invention, and the Foodduck devices are manufactured in Finland. International patent protection has been applied for the product and the system. FOODDUCK® is a registered trademark.

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Timo Sorsavirta
CEO, Foodduck Ltd
Tel. +358 50 414 0004

Foodduck Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2012. It is a pioneer of automated dispensing solutions in restaurant self-service areas and in professional kitchens for fats, fresh cheeses, and other spreads. The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser is one of a kind in the world, and an international patent protection has been applied for the product and the system.

The spread dispenser was developed in Tekes programme Sapuska – Added Value for International Food Markets.

Pia Mörk
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