City of Porvoo – Life cycle model for daycare centres


The aim was to create innovative, functional, high-quality, and ecologically efficient day care centres containing new solutions, with maintenance services included. This was to be provided inexpensively via a real estate leasing agreement. The main objective was to obtain four new daycare centres with which to partially redress the effects of temporary solutions and to substitute impractical spaces. The project's other objectives focused on examining how the life cycle model could be applied in future as one of the alternatives for the implementation of investment projects of the City of Porvoo and for the supply of their office needs.

Means to promote innovations

  • Resulting from an extensive competitive bidding process, daycare centres' implementation according to the life cycle model is, for the city, in this case proving to be more economically advantageous than daycare centres implemented as an own investment project.
  • The project also developed models related to the call for bids where energy-efficiency could be included as one of the key elements in life cycle procurements. A unique feature in Porvoo's procurement is that also the energy-efficiency targets in the city strategy are included in the project.

Benefits for different groups (users, buyer, supplier companies)

  • The development work resulted in agreement models based on so-called tripartite agreement, which also other cities can make good use of in their own life cycle procurements.
  • While the class A limit for daycare centres is 140 kWh/bmr2 annually, the daycare centres' total energy consumption will be 85 kWh/bmr2 annually.
  • The bidder is committed to the promised amount of energy to be delivered. If the maximum consumption is exceeded, the bidder is liable for the amount exceeded. Cost savings brought by consumption below the target level will be divided equally (50/50) between the buyer and the bidder. The energy-efficiency target was reached in an excellent manner.
Eero Lukin
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