Information management solution provider M-Files takes a huge growth leap

During the last four years M-Files has quadrupled its turnover and number of staff. Tekes funding and Global Access Program have played a significant role in the company's growth.

Tampere-based software company M-Files provides solutions for information and quality control. The company has its roots back in the 80's, but the current M-Files as we know it, was founded in 2000. Last year the company's turnover grew to MEUR 22 and the number of staff to 290. More than half of the turnover comes from overseas.

Tekes has funded M-Files' R&D in several projects over the years. The company also participated Tekes' and UCLA university's Global Access Program in 2013. GAP offered the company a professional tailor-made business plan to enter the US market. M-Files received e.g. analysis of selected business and problem areas and potential solution proposals.

Today M-Files has a US subsidiary with 100 employees and a network of 400 resellers. Market research companies Gartner and Forrester have listed M-Files as one of the leading companies in the industry.

CEO Miika Mäkitalo was also chosen as the Business Director of the year 2015 by Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Image: M-Files

Kaj Nordgren
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