The future of mobility: Link Motion bundles vehicle applications into a single solution

Link Motion combines vehicle software and hardware solutions and allows them to be controlled through a single computer. This makes the future of mobility more affordable and secure.

About 15 years ago, a Finnish company called Nomovok started developing software for mobile device manufacturers and basic industry. The company also worked closely with car manufacturers like Toyota and Renault and was able to observe the fast development of the automotive industry. It seemed to the company that new kinds of solutions were in demand.

To address this demand, Nomovok collaborated with international investors and partners to launch a spin-off company, Link Motion. CEO Pasi Nieminen discussed Link Motion’s solution with us.

What kinds of solutions do you offer for future smart mobility?

“Our main product is a secure and cost-efficient computer and software solution that combines several previously discrete vehicle systems into one, enabling everything to be controlled with just a single computer. It can be used in different vehicles, from traditional cars to future mobility solutions. Our solution reads and utilizes vehicle information and it also includes wireless internet, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, calls and messaging, backup camera, air conditioning controls and a possibility to add third party applications.”

Which practical problems does your smart mobility solution solve, and whose daily life does it facilitate?

“Only the most expensive cars are currently equipped with cutting-edge information systems. Electronics already account for 40 percent of a vehicle’s manufacturing costs, and in five years 90 percent of new cars will include advanced systems. Our solution reduces vehicle manufacturers’ costs by bringing all services and applications into one. Link Motion’s solution is also secure, as it isolates critical functions from those parts of the system that are connected to the Internet.”

How far are you now with the development of your smart mobility solution?

“Our solution is ready to be delivered. Right now we are working on our first turnkey delivery for a new passenger car that will be launched in a couple of years. In addition to solutions for traditional vehicles, we are developing several smart mobility vehicles. We collaborate with leading software and hardware companies like Tieto, TKE, Ajeco, MTA, Freescale and Redbend to offer comprehensive and scalable solutions.”

What plans do you have for the future? What kinds of challenges and goals do you have regarding internationalization?

“We develop our products in Finland but operate in several countries. Our clients come from all over the globe, for example China, Italy and the United States, and our biggest challenge is to build a large enough sales network to be able to serve clients no matter how far they are located. In the future, we will expand our operations to smart mobility infrastructure projects, like sensor networks and self-driving vehicles and their control systems.”

Is Finland a good country for developing smart mobility solutions? Why?

“Finland is a very good place to develop smart mobility because we have exceptionally strong expertise on hi-tech on a global scale. For us, the four seasons and large geographic area in relation to population offer an excellent framework for developing and testing smart mobility solutions even in harsh conditions.”

Technology already offers lots of possibilities but the challenge often lies in getting people to use new solutions. How do you think we could encourage people to use smart mobility solutions?

“When it comes to smart mobility, people’s greatest fear may be that they will no longer have the total control of their vehicle and that machines will take partial responsibility of their thinking. It is good to remember that 90 percent of traffic accidents are due to human errors, and it is therefore probable that smart mobility will make travelling just safer.”

Link Motion

  • Founded: 2014
  • Industry: Software for automotive industry
  • Headquarters: Tampere, Finland
  • Number of employees: 60
  • Website:

Link Motion participates in Finpro’s Mobility as a Service Growth Program.

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Text: Anu Jussila

Eero Lukin
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