Tekes funds number of projects exploiting the Industrial Internet

These projects are examples of many different projects Tekes funds in its Industrial Internet programme.

Simulators to become integral parts of machines: case Mevea

Mevea, makers of work machine simulators, are improving – as part of their Industrial Internet project funded by Tekes – the user-friendliness and technical properties of simulator solutions. In doing this, the company is paving the way for new simulator applications, taking into account the opportunities provided by the Internet of Things.

Digitalisation of order and supply chain boosts business: case GOLLI

The GOLLI project is solving problems related to the flow of information in commerce in Tekes' Industrial Internet programme project. Digitally, of course. GOLLI (Global Orders, Logistics Labels & Information) are developing a cloud service especially for SMEs to receive orders, gather the goods to be delivered, order the delivery, print out the pallet identifiers and consignment notes, and send the delivery information to the customer.

Business from ensuring authenticity of medication: case Servicepoint Kuopio

Servicepoint Kuopio is developing its business based on the serialisation of medication packaging in an Industrial Internet project funded by Tekes. During the serialisation process, a serial number will be assigned to medication packaging at the end of the production process, enabling each package to be uniquely identified, tracked and verified. The objective is to prevent falsified and counterfeit medical products from entering the market.

Industrial Internet – Business Revolution programme

Image: Servicepoint Kuopio

Kaj Nordgren
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