Medicine 4.0 still on its way

Only 28 percent of German hospitals have a comprehensive digitisation strategy for their healthcare IT. This was revealed by a new study called "Digitization in the Healthcare Business" by Rochus Mummert Healthcare Consulting.

In the study more than 300 executives from German hospitals were surveyed on the status quo of their eHealth strategy.

Accordingly, only every fourth clinic has appropriate plans. A further 46% shows readiness in individual projects for the digital transformation. Digitalisation has already arrived in the healthcare sector.

The digitisation of hospitals is mainly promoted through management, although medical executives also frequently act as a digital driver. In most cases even more than their colleagues from IT departments. In private hospitals, medical professions are showing an above average demand for "Medicine 4.0".

The digitisation of hospitals is still not top of mind, however, mainly due to a lack of financial resources as well as a continuing overall fear of change in many clinics. It is not only a technological, but also a leadership challenge.

Digitisation in the health business highlights the barriers. Clinics must now hurry to catch up with other economic sectors in the use of modern IT.

It is often not the traditional health care providers themselves that are promoting digitalisation but industries from outside the healthcare sector, with a big risk that they will soon be overtaken by these.

Michael Wiehl, Tekes
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