KV-SYKE – International Examples of Business Renewal for the Finnish Industry

Global competition and digitalisation are transforming whole industries. These changes are also sweeping across the industrial sector, the cornerstone of the Finnish economy and exports. Finnish industrial companies need help in reinventing themselves and would benefit from inspiring examples of strategic renewal. The KV-SYKE project collects and shares key international examples, which are relevant to industrial companies, of how businesses are reinventing themselves in today's increasingly digital world.

The KV-SYKE – International Examples of Business Renewal for the Finnish Industry project collects and shares international examples of strategic renewal for the Finnish industrial sector.

The project is part of the Team Finland Future Watch activities, which provide companies international foresight information, and will be implemented by the digitalisation consultancy Intosome Oy in 2015.

The KV-SYKE project collects and shares international examples of strategic renewal

The collected and analysed examples will help Finnish industrial companies to reinvent themselves. Examples will be collected both online and through academic and corporate networks.

"Digitalisation has huge potential to have an impact on business activities and management. This is reflected in a company's competitiveness. Tekes and Team Finland want to help Finnish industrial operations to understand what this impact means on a practical level," says Programme Manager Nuppu Rouhiainen of Tekes.

In 2014, a survey project titled "Teollisuuden uusi SYKE" ("new pulse for the industry") was conducted under Tekes's Liideri – Business, Productivity and Joy at Work Programme. This survey helped industrial companies to understand and benefit from digitalisation. The results of the project have been published as an infographic (in Finnish) and as a report under the title "Teollisuusyrityksen digipolku" ("the digital path of an industrial company", in Finnish).

"The SYKE project enabled us to map out a clear path for initiating digitalisation in industrial companies. The KV-SYKE project is complementing this work by offering a broader perspective on business renewal in our increasingly digital world. At the same time, it is providing companies with interesting, thought-provoking examples from abroad," Rouhiainen explains.

"Our encounters with companies have revealed that although they find digitalisation important, managers have trouble understanding the concrete opportunities and development needs in their own business. For this reason, we need examples of forerunners that have already reinvented their business and must examine the factors underlying such successful transformations," says Harri Lakkala, CEO of Intosome Oy.

"We would ask industrial experts and companies to help us find interesting examples of renewal. If you know a company that has successfully reinvented its business through digitalisation, or a source from which examples can be found, please let us know," says Lakkala.

Case examples and sources of information can be sent through the project website, on Twitter with the hashtag #kvsyke or by contacting Project Manager Harri Lakkala (harri.lakkala@intosome.fi, +358 (0)45 260 3884).

For further information, please contact:

Intosome Oy
CEO Harri Lakkala
p. +358 (0)45 260 3884

Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation
Programme Manager Nuppu Rouhiainen
tel. +358 (0)29 505 5949

Senior Adviser Laura Nurmi
tel. +358 (0)29 505 5623


Tiina Lifländer
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