Finland at Crossroads

A world full of changes creates an abundance of new possibilities for innovations and new business concepts. Finland has a chance to create a centre for trade and logistics, but also a centre for innovation activities and renewal.

By investing in infrastructure, both physical and digital, we can keep Finland's hold on the export market and enable movement of people, goods and services as well as information and know-how.

Crossroads, a fresh title by Mika Aaltonen, research director at Aalto University research unit for strategic intelligence and exploration of futures, and American analyst Michael Loescher, provides an analytic and long-term basis for national discussions on how Finnish resources should be allocated. It demonstrates how geopolitics the economy and national security are inextricably interconnected.

Mika Aaltonen and Michael Loescher believe that the opportunity for renewal is found through thorough analysis.

“Most organisations resist change because they lack clear wiews based on knowledge and foresight, which would offer the direction for change. Instead, internal and national discussions are loaded with rhetoric and opinion with underlying political and power-political perspectives.”

At the same time, Finland is facing several difficult challenges: how to renew business and industry and to expand the basis for exports within known demographic development? How to expand international cooperation, also outside the EU, and how to renew the set-up of national security in a 21st-century world?

Even the biggest actors cannot succeed alone. National and international cooperation should be understood as a model for doing things. Crossroads views the changing world from the perspectives of economy, logistics, geopolitics and security politics. The book brings out how significant changes in the global operational environment offer opportunities and threats to Finland how wealth and value are created in the future and which factors will have an impact on it.

Global logistics has changed three times during the past hundred years, always due to political changes. Whether we like it or not, the changes of today bring the world to our front yard and, for the first time, Finland must reach beyond its borders to safeguard its wellbeing. Global changes are the rationale for building Finland into a northern centre for trade and logistics.

Further information:

Aalto University, Mika Aaltonen mika.aaltonen(at), tel. +358 40 590 2131

Tekes, Kari Uusitalo kari.uusitalo(at), tel. +358 50 5577 937

Miia Linnusmaa
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