The contest is on: EU Prize for Women Innovators 2017

Apply now to get a chance of winning one of the four prizes!

This prize aims to raise public awareness on the need for more innovation and more women innovators. The European Commission will reward now four women who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.

First prize is € 100 000, second prize € 50 000, and third prize € 30 000. A new additional fourth prize will be awarded for young female entrepreneurs, the Rising Innovators award. Apply now – the deadline is already on 3 November 2016.

Rules of the contest

1. The contestant must be a woman.

For Rising Innovator Award following applies: The contestant must be a woman born as of 1986.

2. The contestant must be an ordinary resident in an EU Member State or a country associated to Horizon 2020.

3. The contestant must be the founder or co-founder of an existing and active company which was registered before 1 January 2015.

4. The annual turnover of the company was at least EUR 0.10 million in 2014 or 2015.

5. Either the contestant as a natural person or the company founded/co-founded by the candidate have received or is receiving European or national funding for Research and Innovation or bank funding or alternative sources of financing such as private equity, venture capital, crowd funding through platforms or business angels.

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Maija Hakkarainen
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