PP-Logistiikka provides logistics for large companies and hired digitalisation expertise with Digiboost funding

PP-Logistiikka takes care of storage, pick and pack services and the transportation of large industrial customers. The company used Tekes’s Digiboost funding to hire a seasoned professional to harness digitalisation in support of its business.

PP-LogistiikkaTransport packages are designed and produced to meet customers' requirements. For example, they offer custom-made wood packaging for paper machine and power plant manufacturers whose machine parts and equipment are challenging to transport. Dubbing itself an "inland port", PP-Logistiikka specialises in activities such as the handling of intermodal containers. Founded in 1992 as Pirkanmaan Puutavara and headquartered in Lempäälä, Finland, PP-Logistiikka also offers packing, transport and storage services. The company employs 15 people in Finland.

Changes in global business inspired PP-Logistiikka to go digital. The company wanted to radically renew its practices. It was still using email to keep in touch with customers, even though its customers were already operating digitally. PP-Logistiikka wanted to enter its customers' digital field right away.

"It is clear that most of our clientele manage production and transport digitally," says Marko Kaukolammi, Managing Director of PP-Logistiikka.

Establishing digital practices

Upon hearing about Tekes' Digiboost funding from a colleague, in early 2016 PP-Logistiikka decided to hire an experienced logistics guru to digitalise its operations. The digitalisation expert had previously worked for the Finnish Defence Forces and Patria Aviation, where he worked on projects such as a logistical warehouse operating system together with an important client. At PP-Logistiikka, he is digitalising the company's current operational models.

"Our goal is to develop our cooperation with our customers in terms of information system solutions," says the digital expert himself, a freshly appointed Logistics Manager Tommi Remsu. There are a number of options: remote access to ERP, shared hosts, cloud services, dispatching systems, shared network drives or completely new systems. If necessary, we tailor a suitable solution for each customer to meet the needs of their operational model.

PP-Logistiikka's digital development aims to discover platforms and practices that support the growth of Finnish export companies. Its vision is to ensure the seamless transmission of data and information, even if the company and its customers use different systems. VTT is also engaged in this cooperation.

Read more about Digiboost funding and see how to apply

Tekes's Digiboost funding enables SMEs and midcap companies (turnover less than EUR 300 million) in any industry sector to hire digitalisation experts to support R&D or research. Tekes may cover one half of the experts' salary for a year. www.tekes.fi/en/digiboost

Text: Tuija Kalliojärvi
Picture: PP-Logistiikka

Kaj Nordgren
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