Joukon Voima wins Tekes’s energy sector startup competition

The public voted Joukon Voima the winner of the first prize, EUR 5,000, donated by the Finnish Fair Foundation. Joukon Voima is a company that provides a crowdfunding platform for renewable energy. General Electric’s favourites were Altum Technologies and Optiwise.

Winner: Jouko KajanGE's favourites will receive sparring and fixed-term working premises in the Energy Village, a village of startups adjacent to GE's Finnish headquarters in Vallila, Helsinki.

The competition received 26 proposals, and a jury selected 10 of them for the public vote. Over four days, a total of 1,016 people voted online and in Tekes's booth at the Energy Fair in Tampere, Finland. Joukon Voima won by 229 votes, followed by Bio GTS with 180 votes and Optiwise with 134 votes.

The jury's initial elimination round was difficult.

"The competition was tight and the 26 proposals received fairly even scores, with only small point differences. Unfortunately, many excellent companies and entries were eliminated from the finals. The companies were a versatile cross-section of the energy sector. Entries included solar energy solutions, energy conservation applications and biofuel plants, for example. The winner, Joukon Voima, is not a traditional player in the energy sector. Instead, it provides a marketplace where projects involving renewable energy production and sustainable energy consumption can find funding," explains Karin Wikman, Programme Manager of the Witty City Programme.

The members of the jury were Heli Antila, Chief Technology Officer, Fortum; Jukka Leskelä, Director, Finnish Energy Industries; Tomi Niemi, Managing Director, Expomark; Emilia Olkanen, Energy and Climate Specialist, City of Tampere; and the Witty City programme team from Tekes.

Joukon Voima was accompanied in the finals by Altum Technologies, BioGTS, Fourdeg, HMA Analytics, Masar Smart Energy, Optiwise, SFTec, Sun Energia and Virte Solar.

Further information

Karin Wikman
Programme Manager of the Witty City Programme
tel. +358 50 5577 723


Pictures: Hanna Koskela and Karin Wikman.
Smaller image: Jukka Kajan, CEO of Joukon Voima. Larger image: the finalists.

Eero Lukin
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