Tekes has had a significant impact on Finnish innovations

Tekes has participated in the funding of more than 60 per cent of Finnish innovations. In 80 per cent of these cases, Tekes’ role has been significant.

An innovation is a new product, service or method that produces economic or social benefit. A report compiled by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) shows that Tekes has had a particularly significant role in the birth of new innovations with major novelty value aimed at the international market. The development work related to the birth of these challenging innovations often takes a long time.

”Creating new innovations is especially important in today’s world since innovations will secure Finland's competitiveness and success in the future,” says Director General Veli-Pekka Saarnivaara from Tekes.

The SfinPact report is based on the Sfinno database that contains approximately 5,000 Finnish innovations. The database that has been collected by VTT is a globally unique innovation database that enables researchers to examine Finnish innovation activities and policies over decades. The results are based on a representative sample, since almost 1,000 people responsible for the development of innovations have answered the survey.

”Social impact and examining it in a transparent manner are an important part of Tekes’ responsibility. It is important that Finns know what Tekes does and what kinds of impacts its activities have on society,” says Veli-Pekka Saarnivaara.

The report reveals innovation stories from game industry to bioethanol

According to the report, Tekes has had a significant role as an activator of R&D activities and a networker of universities, research institutes and businesses in addition to its role as a funder. Tekes has played an important part in the development of entire sectors, such as game industry or health-related biomaterials.

In addition to examining the different roles Tekes has had, the report describes the development and innovations of seven thematic areas. It also presents the success stories of several innovations including Rovio’s Angry Birds, Raisio’s Benecol, St1’s bioethanol and Polar Electro’s wrist computers.

In conjunction with the publication of the report, Tekes published a website called Innovation Interstate that provides a visual presentation of the connections between the Finnish innovation field, social changes and Tekes programmes from the 1980s to the present. The website has been created by Flo Apps Ltd.

Tekes Review 289/2012: Funder, activator, networker, investor

Innovation Interstate

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