Team Finland Future Watch recognises the business opportunities of the future

In the future the Team Finland network will offer small and medium-sized enterprises tailored foresight information on international business opportunities in different parts of the world.

The goal of the Team Future Watch service is to put international foresight information into a simple form that can be used by enterprises. Team Finland Future Watch services are formed for groups of enterprises, but individual companies are the ones that utilise the information. The foresight involves a time scale of 2 - 5 years into the future. Target groups include, for instance, growth-seeking companies taking part in programmes of Growth Track and Tekes.

"Through the Team Finland network, we get valuable information to Finnish small and medium-sized growth-seeking Finnish companies. We recognise possibilities for future business activities and changes in the operating environment, and we pass on this information to small and medium-sized companies for their use", says Customer Manager Heli Karjalainen, who is responsible for the development of the service at Tekes.

In the early stages of the service, various sources of information used in foresight will be tested in Russia, the USA, China, and India. Foresight information is also to be collected from Brazil. New emerging issues will be examined more extensively and inclusively through the network of diplomatic missions.

A website has been set up for the Team Finland Future Watch service, into which all foresight material produced by the Team Finland network will be compiled. The page will also include information on upcoming Team Finland Future Watch client events.

Tekes is responsible for the development of the Team Finland Future Watch. The key organisations implementing foresight are Tekes, Finpro, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Sitra, the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) , the Confederation of Finnish Industry (EK) and Finnvera are also involved. The activities of Future Watch are guided by a management team, which is chaired by Director General Petri Peltonen of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Further information and contact persons:

Customer Manager Heli Karjalainen, Tekes, tel. +358 2950 55746

Director Eero Silvennoinen, Tekes, tel. +358 2950 55813

Further information on the Team Finland Future Watch service

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