Pekka Soini wants to increase internationalisation, customer-orientation and speed to Tekes

Pekka Soini started as Director General of Tekes on 1 September 2012. He brings with him a business perspective and years of experience in internationalisation.

"As Director General of Tekes, I will be able to use my experience as a corporate executive for the benefit of companies and the research environment in Finland. In the development of Nokia Siemens Networks, I was involved in each and every step of the internationalisation process from square one. I believe that my expertise and experience will be extremely useful in my duties as Director General at Tekes," says Soini.

Internationalisation is one of the things he wants to introduce to Tekes' field of operations. In addition to this, he wants to make Tekes more customer-oriented and faster.
"In promoting internationalisation, Tekes can, for example, expand the Global Access programme, in which companies aiming to expand abroad are offered individualised coaching by top international players," explains Soini.

"A customer-oriented approach involves the comprehensive analysis of a company's situation and needs.  Even though Tekes is a project funding agency, it is essential to discuss a company's overall needs with research and development heads. Indeed, Tekes has already made a great deal of progress in this regard, so we're off to an excellent start," says Soini.

"Where speed is concerned, I want to cut the processing time needed for funding applications, make reporting more efficient and get all Tekes services online. Here too, Tekes has already made excellent progress and, for example, processing times were reduced at the beginning of this year," explains Soini.

Pekka Soini, M.Sc. Eng. (52), joined Tekes from his position as the Head of Corporate Development and Country Director for Nokia Siemens Networks. Prior to this, he served as, among others, as Head of Strategy and Business Development for Nokia Siemens Networks, SVP Strategy and Business Development at Nokia Telecommunications as well as Business Development and Marketing & Sales in the United States. He has over 20 years of experience in the internationalisation of global corporations and various executive duties as well as a broad range of experience and knowledge in the business world.

Tekes previous Director General, Dr Veli-Pekka Saarnivaara retired at the beginning of September.

Pekka Soini becomes Director General of Tekes

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