Math Ahoy pirate ship taking over the Atlantic

Finnish game company Eduplus has entered into a significant agreement with Telefonica, a large telecommunications provider that operates in Spain and Latin America. This agreement will see Eduplus’s flagship product, the Math Ahoy learning game, preinstalled on tablets sold by Telefonica.

“The deal will be carried out in two stages. During the remainder of this year the game will be installed in 20,000 devices and next year in millions of devices,” Jere Linnanen, CEO of Eduplus explains.

“We will next be setting our sights on the Asian market, which has incredible growth potential,” Linnanen envisions.

According to Linnanen, Eduplus is the export of Finnish educational expertise at its best.

“Our products are just as good as the Finnish educational system, i.e. among the world's best. However, Finland is a comparatively small market area, which makes it difficult to produce a profitable software product just for the domestic market. This is why we have firmly fixed our focus on the international market."

One-of-a-kind learning games for children

The Math Ahoy learning game, which was developed as a Tekes project, is intended to support the math education of kindergarten as well as 1st and 2nd year pupils. The child steers a pirate ship along a historic world map by completing addition and subtraction exercises.

“The game’s draw is based on the pupil coming across genuine choices and on allowing the pupil to use his/her problem solving skills in a creative way. The game is suited for schools and children, but, at the same time, is also a good fit for large international distribution channels."

Eduplus was established in 2011 by four friends; a teacher, a graphic designer, a programmer and a lawyer. The four combined their expertise and strived to create one-of-a-kind learning games.

In the future, Eduplus will also develop games for other school subjects. The company’s premise is to create learning games that are genuinely based on the pupils’ and teachers’ initial requirements.

Tekes funding indispensable

“This success would have been impossible without Tekes. We received 50% of the funding needed for product development from Tekes. Additionally, the work has been exceptionally meaningful, because as participants in a Tekes project, we were permitted to do exactly that which we are good at and what we most enjoy.”

Linnanen praises cooperation with Tekes as seamless and laidback. Tekes officials even came to schools to look how the beta testing was going on!

“We have now reached our first objective, which was a financially significant agreement,“ Linnanen sums up.

Further information:

Jere Linnanen
Tel. +358 50 5354613

Text: SST / Jenni Elo

Pia  Mörk

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