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The vision for this new programme is for Finland to have Europe’s best workplaces in 2020, which are highly productive and generate joy at work.

"We're using this programme to guide the sector's research and development activities according to the vision and to bring researchers, other experts and companies together. We'll be disseminating information about new solutions to workplaces and increasing awareness of the need to renew business and workplaces," says Tuomo Alasoini, Director of Workplace Innovation and Development at Tekes.

The companies taking part in the programme will develop work organisation and forms of working as part of renewing business. Work in the future will in particular be characterised by shared leadership, customised solutions for employees, networking, decentralisation and application of new technologies.

Increasing the appeal of Finland's working life brand

"We want the personnel to be extensively involved in brainstorming ideas for products and services and ways of producing them. The changes at workplaces will lay the foundation for a sustainable competitive edge and visible improvement of production, business development, personnel well-being and co-operation at workplaces," explains Programme Manager Nuppu Rouhiainen from Tekes.

One special focus of the programme is companies with 20–500 employees that are looking for business growth through the competitive edge that come from innovations. Finland's strong working life brand will be used to create a positive corporate image and attract investments and skilled workforce to Finland.

"However, innovation is a matter of more than just solving technical problems, which is why it's important to include different groups of employees, such as people working in production and customer service," says Director Kari Komulainen, who co-ordinates Tekes measures relating to different forms of innovation activities.

The programme will be implemented as part of the Government Programme and the National Working Life Development Strategy co-ordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Tekes' share of the planned budget is EUR 60–80 million. The programme will be executed in 2012–2018 in co-operation with companies, universities, labour market organizations and other partners. The criteria and indicators used to assess the state of Finnish working life will be created as part of the strategy co-ordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Further information:

Tuomo Alasoini, Director, Workplace Innovation and Development
Tel. +358 50 557 7940

Nuppu Rouhiainen, Senior Advisor, Programme Director, Tekes
Tel. +358 50 557 7949


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