How to access the Indian BoP markets with affordable diagnostics products?

“Affordable Diagnostics for Indian Base of the Pyramid Markets”, a report compiled by a group of Aalto University master’s students with solid business background highlights the essential elements of Finnish and Indian diagnostics ecosystems and provides valuable insight to facilitate increased collaboration between the two countries.

There are four billion people in the world who live with less than two US$ per day – a phenomenon often referred to as the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) market which provides huge potential for new business. There is a demand for affordable products and services for in vitro diagnostics. The Aalto University Services for Global Collaboration group familiarised itself with the Indian BoP market in diagnostics with an eye to Finnish diagnostics offering.

The report is based on interviews of representatives of Finnish diagnostics companies as well as NGOs and Indian specialists. It provides tools for organisations to analyse different aspects of creating new business at Indian markets.

The report also launches a strategic management tool Infogram to help companies test their products against the demands of the Indian BoP market.

Affordable Diagnostics for Indian Base of the Pyramid Markets (pdf)


Soili Helminen