Nordic Entrepreneurship network

The Nordic Entrepreneurship Initiative is a project funded by Nordic Innovation Center in Oslo, Norway to provide an overview of Nordic technology companies engaging in education and learning using mobile- game-based and simulation-based platforms.

Finnish companies should visit the project website, learn more about the project and to take the survey at :

A key goal of the survey is to acquire a more complete understanding of how Nordic companies are positioned for future competition in a globalized learning market. From the pool of companies responding to this survey, 10-15 compete for participation in a Market Acceleration and Success Workshop during spring 2013. At the workshop participating companies will work with investors, start-up specialists, ICT entrepreneurs and educators to prepare for potential product and company pitching sessions both at Silicon Vikings chapter meeting in the Nordic region as well as in Silicon Valley.

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There are already some Finnish education related companies listed in the Nordic network.

Contact: vidar.mortensen (at)


Pekka Ollikainen

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