Junction Hackathon – RIIHI and Isaacus

RIIHI collaboration (Sitra, Tekes, STM & RAY) is participating Junction Hackathon on 25th-27th November. The aim is to further develop Omakanta Personal Health Record as a platform where data from wearables and apps and data from health care and social service professionals can be combined. Apply now!
Date: Fri 25.11.2016 - Sun 27.11.2016

A hackathon experience

"Junction is a converging point for over a thousand developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world. It’s a place where no idea is too crazy, and breaking the status quo is encouraged. Ultimately it is a place to have fun, meet new people, and create cool inspiring projects. There will be keynotes, tutorials, and workshops suited for all skill levels. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro, if you have the passion and a will to create something, we want you to be a part of Junction! "

RIIHI Challenge

A high percentage of Finns say that they like monitoring their own health and well-being, looking after themselves, and having a say in their treatment if they fall ill. In a society that offers a growing range of increasingly advanced electronic services alongside traditional health care and social services, they will have more and more opportunities to do just that. Aging population and financial sustainability of health and social services are setting requirements for the whole system. At the same time digitalization and the information about health and wellbeing citizens gathered are giving a great opportunity to find new cost-efficient and customer-oriented services.

As a global forerunner in digital healthcare, Finland is opening MyKanta Personal Health Record (PHR) in 2017. MyKanta PHR connects our data from wearables and apps with health care and social service professionals when needed. Thanks to data, we can tell more personalized stories about ourselves – even about our health. But tools are needed to move from data collection to actions and engagement. Do you have the solution?

RIIHI collaboration together with Kanta-actors brings MyKanta PHR to Junction. MyKanta platform is based on the emerging standard ‘HL7 FHIR’ that is used by multiple health IT giants worldwide. Some estimate that digital health markets will hundreds of billions of dollars by 2020.

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