Digitalisation to products, production and services: ITEA 3 programme promotion

ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster programme supporting innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Software-intensive Systems & Services has started. The Finnish kick-off event is held as part of the DIGILE Mega Sprint Review Day on 26th March in an open seminar. Tekes contact persons are available throughout the day.

Tekes advisers are present at the event to tell about the funding possibilities of the ITEA and Horizon 2020 programmes. On 26th March, DIGILE partners come together sharing the obtained results, evaluating achievements, learning from past, sharpening vision and planning for the next sprint.

ITEA 3 Chairman Rudolf Haggenmüller tells in his presentation about ITEA 3 – Seizing the high ground in a time of change. In addition, While on the Move case funded by Tekes in ITEA 2's Smart Urban Space project is presented. ITEA Office Director Fopke Klok is also present.

Be there and ask Tekes advisers about the possibilities to cooperate internationally in ITEA 3 and Horizon 2020 programmes. Tekes advisers are present throughout the day and you can contact them and book a face-to-face meeting with them. Funding for ITEA 3 is applied via Tekes in Finland.

DIGILE Mega Sprint Review Day program and registration

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Contact us

Mr Jouko Hautamäki, EU Horizon 2020 ICT contact
Tel. +35844 712 4133

Mr Jarmo Raittila, EU Horizon 2020 contact
Nanotechnologies, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing
Tel. +35850 323 2442

Mr Kari Penttinen, ITEA 3 contact
Tel. +35850 5577 916

Mr Hannu Nurmi, ITEA 3 contact
Tel. +35850 5577 771

DIGILE aims is to increase the pace of development of Finnish ICT and digital business, which in turn will ensure growth of the business of the whole sector, and therein the creation of new jobs. DIGILE is one of Finland's Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOKs). Tekes funds DIGILE's research programs.