Pekka Soini: Tarasti's proposal makes sense


A review conducted by Lauri Tarasti has made a recommendation that will provide better support for innovation-growth that is essential for Finland's prosperity.

The recommendation proposes the coordination of the regional state administration and provincial government, of which involved activities related to innovation, invention and business internationalisation, be moved to Tekes from the ELY Centres.

This recommendation is based on sound and consistent principles and would provide excellent support for the innovation-based growth we now need in Finland. I think that his solution would provide the optimal way of boosting businesses with the best prospects of succeeding in competitive international environments.

The proposal entails the direct transfer of about one hundred people from ELY Centres to Tekes. These experts are currently carrying out tasks for Tekes around Finland and their transfer to Tekes would substantially simplify the current administrative structure.

In my view, Tarasti's approach would involve the best and most efficient use of resources from everyone's perspective. It would provide the greatest benefits in terms of business growth and internationalisation, not only for the provinces, but for the entire country.

The greatest advantages of a centralised model lie in the way it would secure the public risk funding required by growth companies, as well as expert services from the full range of Team Finland actors. It would also be great news from the point of view of simplifying the overall corporate service offering and making national services equally available to all internationalising growth companies throughout Finland.

Lauri Tarasti made customer service and satisfaction a focus area. This is also our absolute number one priority here in Tekes – we work for the benefit of Finland and Finnish companies.

Pekka Soini
The author is the Director General of Tekes
twitter: @psoini

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