Martti Äijälä: Off together into the world


It's time to "take the world by storm", as they say in English. This is also a good summary of the work of Team Finland.

The expanding Team Finland offers a concrete benefit to internationalising businesses. Team Finland has gathered public internationalisation services together into a combined package which is easier to access and benefit from. We are also increasing cooperation between the different players so that the different services form a cohesive chain.

Tekes' role in all of this is to offer funding and spurring on the development of new products and services and the business concepts connected with them. We encourage businesses to strike out into new markets and we help them to succeed by offering information and risk-sharing.

Through its Team Finland Future Watch service Tekes offers foresight information for developing business activities. Tekes' programmes offer businesses not only funding but also cooperative networks and platforms for experimentation.

For businesses in a particular stage of development we offer tailor-made packages of the different players' services, such as Growth Track, which is aimed at supporting the internationalisation of growth companies, and Team Finland LetsGrow, which is a joint funding programme of Finnvera, Finpro and Tekes for the international growth of growth companies. In these programmes the central Team Finland players – Finpro, Finnvera, Tekes, and often also ELY Centres and their partners – have combined their services.

The services develop all the time so as to better complement each other. The most central change already implemented relates to Finpro's activities. Paid consultation has been separated out as a business operation, and the renewed Finpro is responsible for free internationalisation service.

During this transitioning stage for Finpro internationalisation services, Tekes has opened for the duration of this year the Team Finland Explorer funding service, through which a business can purchase expert analysis for entering new markets. From the start of next year the equivalent support can be obtained from ELY Centres.

Strengthening cooperation between players also serves businesses through different joint appearances carried out at different events, such as the Subcontracting Fair in Tampere and even the Health 2.0 events in the US.

Team Finland gathers public internationalisation services into a combined package so that businesses can more easily piece together and make good use of the services. Players' shared and mutually-complementing services and operational models ensure for their own part a more cohesive service chain than ever before.

Martti Äijälä

Team Finland services for internationalising businesses

Anne Palkamo
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