'International growth from health benefits' call for applications

Health and wellbeing is a strategic priority for Tekes that has major economic importance, and its development results in considerable international business potential. Finland's objective is to be an internationally recognised pioneer in terms of healthcare research, innovation, investment and new business, benefiting people's health, wellbeing and functional ability.
Application period: Wed 25.05.2016 - Fri 21.10.2016

What kind of research do we fund?

This call for applications is seeking to fund multi-disciplinary research projects linked with businesses, carried out implementing the best practices and combining the efforts of the best actors. Networking with business and industry that fulfils the application criteria is to be displayed by attaching the commitment by at least three companies to the partial funding of the project. Funding by the participating business must cover at least 10% of the project's budgeted expenses. Partial funding entitles the companies to steer the projects in its steering group and the right to negotiate in advance on the utilisation of the project's results with those who carry it out. Not only companies but also municipalities and other public actors can participate in the steering committee and fund the project, but the public actors' financing is not included in the 10% business R&D funding.

Research groups are encouraged to cooperate closely in the preparation of projects with businesses identified as potential participants. We are seeking parallel business projects especially for research projects. Applicants with parallel business projects should be in touch with Tekes early on to benefit from the support we can offer.

The selection of projects to be funded depends on the following in particular:

  • potential to create new international business in Finland
  • commitment of key companies in the research area in steering the project
  • research novelty value and diversity
  • utilisation of international research study

How to apply?

Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of application support provided by Tekes experts right from the beginning of the planning stage. This involves Tekes experts assisting applicants to prepare compelling project presentations and giving an assessment of the research topic's suitability for the application. Tekes offers support during the summer and early autumn to any interested parties. If you want to make use of this opportunity, email a description of no more than 5,000 characters on the research idea and its utilisation possibilities to: TekesTerveys2017@tekes.fi. The description must include the contact information of those requesting support. This opportunity is available as soon as the call for applications has been published. Tekes experts will contact those interested in the order that the emails arrive. You can register your interest for this support until 26 August 2016.

Tekes research funding covers as a rule 60% of the research expenses. In case of international joint ventures or projects more extensive than 5 man-years with a 2-year researcher exchange, Tekes funding covers 70%. Your application must be sufficiently detailed to enable us to assess it. If necessary, Tekes will ask you to provide further information during the assessment process. To guarantee an impartial and effective evaluation process, applications lodged after the deadline will not be included in the joint evaluation process and will not be granted funding.

A data management plan promoting the transparency of public research information is applied. The plan must be attached to the application, and you can use either the research organisation's own or the nationwide, freely available TUULI data management tool for writing it: www.dmptuuli.fi

Applications with all appendices must be submitted by the Tekes Online Service by midnight on 21 October 2016. Select "Terveys2017" from the menu item "Is the application related to a Tekes programme or theme?". The funding of 10% by participating businesses must be secured by a Notification of participation in project (see page 2 of the document) by the application submission date. The company must indicate in the form the main results it is expecting to achieve and their effect on the development of the company. Applicants must commit the participating companies to the project already in the planning stage. Funding decisions regarding the applications will be made in January 2017.

Any necessary additional information on how the application process is progressing and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the application web site and on Twitter #TekesTerveys.

The following general Tekes funding instructions apply:

For further information, please contact

Raimo Pakkanen
Chief Adviser
tel. +358 2950 55829
raimo.pakkanen (at) tekes.fi

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