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Aviation professionals need continuous training to keep their professional skills up-to-date. The number of certificates and documents is increasing accordingly. The cloud-based service developed by the Helsinki-based Logitude makes training documents available online – up-to-date and easily available.

A few years back, Sami Helin, a commercial pilot and aviation instructor, began to question the amount of paper in his workplace. Aircraft and the aviation sector are a high-tech industry, but a massive amount of paper circulates in aircraft on a daily basis, including documentation related to pilots' professional skills and training in particular.

This provides a niche for Logitude, a company founded by Helin and three business partners. This start-up has created software that makes the qualification certificates and other documentation of flight and cabin crew available in electronic format, while making it easier to keep them safe, up-to-date and available for qualified professionals, trainers and airlines.

"All of this saves time and money. Since electronic documents are much more difficult to falsify, our solution improves flight safety and ensures that the crew has the appropriate qualifications. These are increasingly important competitive factors for airlines."

A diverse development tool

Logitude's software is basically a document database converted into a cloud service, but it also serves as a development tool for training organisations. Performance data accumulated from training sessions and the evaluation of various sectors is saved in the system alongside basic qualification data.

"This facilitates data analysis in order to pinpoint challenges and weak areas. If the grades for a certain course or key competencies show a weak trend, the training should probably be adjusted accordingly. The system therefore improves quality and flight safety," Helin explains.

Tekes has granted a product development loan for Logitude's innovation. This was vital to the company, which was founded four years ago and now has a turnover of around EUR 200,000.
"In practical terms, Tekes funding enabled us to develop the product from the pilot stage to the market for use by customers."

Excellent growth prospects

Logitude's products are currently used by a dozen clients around the world, in Europe (including Finland), North America, Asia and Australia.

"An airline with a staff of 500 pilots and 1,000 cabin crew could easily save EUR 60–70,000 per year.

The fact that 90 per cent of airlines still use paper documents for work like this provides an idea of the growth potential involved. Mounting cost pressures are forcing airlines to seek innovative, cost-efficient solutions."

For further information, please contact

Sami Helin
Logitude Oy
tel. 044 7200 965
sami.helin (at) logitude.aero

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