OATrim Finland Oy: Healthy oat treats for weight loss

OATrim Finland develops, produces and markets healthy vegetable-based products that promote weight loss and target consumers who value personal wellbeing. The company successfully utilises research, and its products have not gone unnoticed.

OATrim Finland’s idea is to offer delicious and fresh products with a package that is an essential part of the concept. At the moment, the company’s primary products are oat-based weight loss drinks, which consumers should drink half an hour before low calorie meals.

The products have been developed by Bioferme Oy, a family enterprise established in 1977. OATrim Finland is Bioferme’s joint venture company on account of its unique expertise in oats. Together with management consulting company Synergy Group Europe, Bioferme is responsible for production and product development. Production is based on years of research cooperation with e.g. the Functional Foods Forum at the University of Turku.

OATrim is the first food product in Europe that has utilised the European Food Safety Authority approved weight loss claim. The product combines Finnish oat and Asian glucomannan. Glucomannan provides increased satiety, activates the gut’s functions and helps maintain the blood’s cholesterol at a normal level. The drink has been sweetened with a non-caloric sweetener produced from the Stevia plant.

OATrim, which came on sale in Finnish stores last September was voted the 2013 Vuoden Tähtituote (2013 star product) by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation and consumers. The product has been well-received by chains and is available in most grocery stores. In 2009, Bioferme won this same title with its health promoting smoothies.

Tekes has funded OATrim Finland's R&D and surveys.

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