Ariterm Oy: The renewed bio boiler selection ensures the development

Ariterm Oy from Saarijärvi, Finland, manufactures biomass heating systems and factory-made heating plants. The main market areas are Finland, Sweden and Norway, with 40 per cent of revenue coming from export sales.

"The EU bioenergy directive has increased interest in the use of biomasses in new market areas in Europe. Experience has shown, however, that new users require biomass heating systems to be highly user-friendly – they must be easy to buy, sell, install and use. For this reason, we have renewed our product offering and developed the BioComp boiler type that has integrated burner and automation," says Managing Director Petteri Korpioja of Ariterm Oy.

The new boilers not only respond to customer needs, but their technical features are also superior to many products currently marketed by competitors.
"The efficiency of the BioComp boiler is 93 to 93.5 per cent, which is the highest on the market in this boiler type. The new boilers have been launched on the home market, and the customer feedback has been excellent. Large-scale export activities are planned to start at the end of 2012."

Export to 60 per cent

"Our aim is to increase the rate of export to 60 per cent, and the new products hold a crucial significance for the achievement of this goal. Without this investment in product development, we would have failed in the export game and our revenue would have begun a slow decline. Last year’s sales figures from Finland show that the new products enable us to respond to the demands of the markets. We seek to increase our export rates outside of our traditional main market area in the EU countries and Russia."

Ariterm renewed its boiler selection in a product development project that is part of the Tekes Groove programme.

"Groove brought an element of discipline to the project: we were able to stick to schedules and focus on the right things. With Tekes funding, we could implement the product development at a better pace. All in all, without the support of Tekes we would not have been able to carry out a project of this scale."

Further information

Petteri Korpioja
Ariterm Oy
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