Summer trip

Welcome to 2045! The Finn family is travelling around Finland in July. Read the weekly travelogue and consider whether the trip is absolute utopia or already possible in 2014. Participate in the story by commenting on what your future innovation would be.

Smart city

The Finn family begins their summer trip. In Helsinki, they board a bullet train that recognises the family's smart chips and requests confirmation of payment for the journey. Mum confirms the payment by fingerprint on the seat screen and thinks out loud: "I used this TravelChip application for the first time in Sydney."

During the train trip, Daughter Mea checks her multipad to see whether the refrigerator at home has already fed the cat. Suddenly a message from home appears on the screen, causing Grandpa to comment: "What's that rubbish coming from Twitter again?" Mea replies: "Actually, the trash at home just tweeted that the household raw materials have been sent to the 4D print station and the material bonuses have already been deposited in our account."

The train arrives at Tampere in about 15 minutes. At the same time, family friend Luigi is flying to Lapland on a space zeppelin. He notices the Finns along the route and decides to visit the family. He changes his travel route, leaves the zeppelin in a capsule and drifts down towards the Tampere travel centre.

Dad, who works at a global raw material centre, receives a bulletin in Koskipuisto park saying that there's a blockage in the resource network at Mumbai. He uses his multipad to send drilling robots towards the blockage. The problem is quickly solved. Dad changes the screen view from Mumbai to the Tampere resource network. There seems to be a slight shortage of graphene in Tampere, so he directs Nokia's excess material to the Tampere raw material centre.

Luigi arrives in Tampere and takes a smart cab to the spot in Koskipuisto park indicated by the family's location data. The cab dips under the pedestrian route, where trams and other automated traffic run. The automated cab suddenly changes direction and heads towards Tammela Marketplace, simultaneously reporting that the family's location has changed. Luigi arrives and finds the Finns enjoying some black soya, a Tampere delicacy.

Examples of forerunners funded by Tekes


Ajelo / Kutsuplus

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