Summer trip

Welcome to 2045! The Finn family is travelling around Finland in July. Read the weekly travelogue and consider whether the trip is absolute utopia or already possible in 2014. Participate in the story by commenting on what your future innovation would be.

Health technology & cyber security

The Finns have travelled from Joensuu to Pori. Father's sister works as a gene therapist and is going to speak about preventive smart clothing health at the SuomiAreena event. After her presentation, the family goes to the jazz festival for a picnic.

Mother and Daughter check out the city's Flying Restaurant services and place an order. Grandma doesn't care much for jazz, so she uses her earphones and sun glasses to move on to the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival.

Grandma is soon interrupted when the sun glasses announce that it's time for her weekly wellbeing appointment. Grandma's personal doctor from Oulu appears in front of her as a hologram. "Hi! Seems like you've had an active day. Your happiness values look good. However, I'll administer some magnesium via your intelligent T-shirt, because there's a risk of cramping when you dance for a long time." Grandma responds: "Thank you! I got so caught up in the concert that I didn't notice the signals from my T-shirt." The doctor has to call a customer in Senegal, so she wishes her a nice summer day and disappears from view.

A flying robot brings a well-stocked basket of food to the picnic blanket. Mum confirms the payment and says: "When I was young, we had to use all kinds of codes, signatures and firewalls whenever we paid for something." The children are confused. For them it is obvious that information is automatically personal and protected. Father uses his smart watch to scan the food and check whether the amount of calories and nutrients are suitable for his summer diet.

Tekes at SuomiAreena – watch the videos


  • Sensor, display your values – Will I be healthy tomorrow?

MTV Katsomo: 1. osa / 2. osa / 3. osa / 4. osa  (in Finnish)

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