Summer trip

Welcome to 2045! The Finn family is travelling around Finland in July. Read the weekly travelogue and consider whether the trip is absolute utopia or already possible in 2014. Participate in the story by commenting on what your future innovation would be.


The Finn family arrives in Helsinki, where the interplanetary Water&Snow start-up festival is just beginning. Recognised as a start-up hub, Helsinki has attracted visitors all the way from Mars.

Version 1.0 of the Finns' business idea has been tested by customers. The family is looking for additional feedback at the festival, and to obtain this Mum is pitching the project to an interplanetary jury on a giant screen. Argentina advises the family to carefully examine customer need and the target markets.

Mea and Noel participate in the Tekes target market game. They put on virtual helmets and begin. They use funding intended to conquer the market to hire professional players who disseminate the demo version.

The results provide the Finns with a picture of the areas and customer groups in which the idea would work. It has to be farther developed according to new needs. Grandpa seems a bit disappointed but Mother has some comforting words: "It's a failure not to fail at all. Now we know how to tailor the next version." Father also says that the results indicate that they should move outside the domestic market. "Does the domestic market mean Europe?" asks Noel. "That's what it used to mean, but now it refers to the whole planet. Just like Finnish SMEs, we have to interplanetarise quickly," explains Father.

As a result of the Tekes demo and pilot game, dissemination of a new version of the family's idea begins. The pilot attracts a lot of attention and is very successful. The ideas from their summer trip are paying off. Now is the time for interplanetarisation!

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