Summer trip

Welcome to 2045! The Finn family is travelling around Finland in July. Read the weekly travelogue and consider whether the trip is absolute utopia or already possible in 2014. Participate in the story by commenting on what your future innovation would be.

Renewing work

The Finns' family friend Luigi contacts the family from a year-round ski centre in Enontekiö. He's due to catch a hyperloop for a business trip to Patagonia, but first wants to offer the children a day of downhill skiing. The family hops on a bullet train that arrives in Lapland after an hour's journey.

Grandpa and Noel had some great ideas during their summer trip and are planning their business together on the slopes. Grandpa explains that establishing a business used to be complicated: "We had to fill in all sorts of forms. Luckily nowadays a personal code also functions as a business ID and it's easy to work with multiple companies and projects." Noel wonders what a "form" could be.

While the others ski, Mum climbs up the fell. She should attend Sun Bonus company meetings in Paris and Beijing. Mum puts on a virtual helmet, chooses a digital suit and goes to the Paris office, where a robot clone of Mum shakes hands with her colleagues. Mother controls the robot's movements with thought code and chats in Finnish as the robot translates the messages into French. After the meeting, it's time to move on to the Beijing demo facility, where another robot clone gives a tour in Chinese for potential customers.

After the downhill skiing, Grandpa and Noel load a demo version of their idea on the interplanetary IdeaTube, where users can print out products with a 4D printer and test services. They present their ideas to the other family members at the after ski. The whole family is enthusiastic about the project and wants to continue developing it together.

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