What are Tekes programmes?

5thGear 2014–2019 
The 5thGear programme aims to solve challenges related to the next generation wireless data communications, the creation of new business, and rocketing Finland as the leading target for international investments.

Arctic Seas 2014–2017
The aim  of the programme is to turn Finland into an internationally attractive concentration of Arctic know-how.

BEAM – Business with impact 2015–2019
The joint programme of Tekes and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. It's aim is sustainable growth for Finland and the developing world.

Bits of Health 2014–2018 
The programme is mainly intended for companies that utilise digitalisation and strive for international growth and that develop products and services promoting health, the early diagnosis of illnesses, health monitoring and personalized treatment.

Feelings  Intangible value creation and experienced value 2012–2018
The programme wants to raise customer experience, emotions and meanings as key business drivers besides technology and expertise. In addition to emotions and customer experience, the programme encourages companies to exploit all of their intangible assets better, including brands, reputation and knowledge capital.