Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK)

The Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation established in Finland are public-private partnerships for speeding up innovation processes. Their main goal is to thoroughly renew industry clusters and to create radical innovations.

SHOK projects

Centres (SHOK in Finnish) develop and apply new methods for cooperation, co-creation and interaction. International cooperation also plays a key role in the operation of the Strategic Centres. Testing and piloting environments and ecosystems constitute an essential part of the Strategic Centres' operations.

In Strategic Centres, companies and research units work in close cooperation, carrying out research that has been jointly defined in the strategic research agenda of each Centre. The research aims to meet the needs of Finnish industry and society within a five-to-ten-year period.

Six centres are in operation


Strategic Centres and Tekes

Tekes supports the creation of the Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation,  develops the preconditions for their operations, and encourages them in the development of their operations.

Tekes is committed to the operations of the Strategic Centres and their development, and has financed the centres' research programmes and projects. According to the strategic programme of the government of Finland  the public funding for SHOK research programmes will be run down. That means that Tekes funding instrument for SHOK programmes in it’s present form will be finished.

Tekes participates in the coordination of the centres as a whole and in the cooperation forum between the centres. Tekes is not, however, a shareholder of the centres or a contracting party.

Tekes will take into account the areas on which the strategic centres focus and their research programmes.



Programme Manager Heikki Aro
Tel. +358 2950 55644

Built environment  
Senior Technology Adviser Jouko Salo 
Tel. +358 2950 36098

Energy and the environment 
Senior Adviser Tuula Savola
Tel. +358 2950 55667

Health and well-being
Programme Manager Auli Pere 
Tel. +358 2950 55779

Information and communication 
Programme Manager Mika Klemettinen
Tel. +358 2950 55647

Metal products and mechanical engineering 
Programme Manager Minna Suutari 
Tel. +358 2950 55830

Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland supports the high standard of research carried out at the Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK in Finnish) by providing funding to researchers at universities and research institutes. More information