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Water Programme Publications

Water Programme R&D projects, Pitch presentations (pdf)

Water Programme R&D projects (Companies), Project Cards (pdf)

Water Programme R&D projects (Research Institutions), Project Cards (pdf)

Water Programme, Presentation materials (pptx)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment - North America (Finpro 2009) (pdf)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Russia (Finpro 2009) (pdf)

Water related documents and presentations

Finnish Water – Best Practices brochure (pdf)

Managing Blue Gold: New Perspectives on Water Security in the Levantine Middle East, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Mari Luomi ed. (25.11.2010)

Valtteri Kaartemo, Nikita Lisitsyn & Kaisa-Kerttu Peltola, Innovation infrastructure in St. Petersburg – Attractiveness from the Finnish managerial perspective, Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute 14/2009 (pdf)

International Statistics for Water Services publication (pdf)
International Statistics for Water Services publication is part of a series of documents providing statistics of the water industries, including tables and figures for abstraction, consumption, tariffs, prices from the point of view of the domestic customer and data on sewerage and wastewater treatment.

Organisations and water sector actors

Finnish organisations

Finnish Water Forum

International organisations

European Comission – Environment – Water

AQCUEAU – Eureka cluster for water

WSSTP – Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (European initiative for European Research and Technology Development in the water industry) (Web site for water industry)

WWAP – World Water Assessment Programme, UNESCO

World Water Council

IWA – International Water Association

EWA – European Water Association

AWWA – American Water Works Association

Tekes Publications

(Tekes / Finpro, December 2009) (pdf)