Unleash passion to accelerate your growth

The most important resource of a successful organization in the 21st Century is human agency, empowered to fulfill its whole potential to realize the shared mission. But leadership still starts with the idea that you provide direction, carrot and stick for making work happen.

When you see workers as reliant children or robots waiting for instruction they feel disengaged because they have been stripped off choice and control. Today, to lead people through complexity and change requires a new approach. Creating a better work culture and leadership model starts with motivation, a way to get everyone moved to action.

The foundation for high-powered motivation is passion. It emerges when people love what they do and feel they are fully empowered to do what they love. In a passion driven organization it's not only the leaders who feel passionate about their business, but rather passion is a shared experience.

To unleash passion in each and every employee, organizations must first be committed to fairness and warmth. A distinctive characteristic of high productivity organizations is the capacity to foster a positive and expansive culture, where employees feel supported and compassion is the norm.

Leadership should also address the human search for connecting with other people and being part of something larger than yourself. The more people can connect with meaningful people and do meaningful things, the more passionate they are. Among Millenials, who will account for 50% of the workforce in 2020, 90% want to use their skills for good.

The most passionate people feel they are on top of their game and can use all their potential and skills at work. So rather than asking workers to do what their job description says, organizations should call upon them to answer ambitious, yet achievable missions. Top talent and most passionate people will always be attracted most to where they are challenged and allowed to grow.

When you have no boundaries for what people can achieve, you also disperse the limits for your growth.

Minna Parikka

"My designs are like love letters from one shoe lover to another. Life is too short to take style too seriously."

Minna Parikka Shoes has grown fast in the last few years, making its colourful mark in shoe design industry. The head and creative lead, Minna Parikka is the epitome of a passionate entrepreneur who trusted her instinct and followed her passion to start her own label at the age of 25. Starting as a one-woman company, she now runs a growing team of inspired employees and a blooming business with loyal customers and celebrity fans all over the world. "Being an entrepreneur isn't always easy, but passion will carry you through", she says about the ten years behind and the bright future ahead.

Kyrö Distillery

"Believe in yourself, your company and your dreams. You can learn everything else, but you can't learn passion and attitude."

Kyrö Distillery was founded in 2012 for the love of making best rye whiskey in the world. Starting from scratch with their artisanal product, the first tasty batch was introduced in a pop-up restaurant in Helsinki called the Kyrönmaa Tourist Center. Since then the company has launched its globally acclaimed gin and grown fast with buyers and steady fans across the world. What drives the whole team and gets them excited each day is their persistent strive to be the best in the world and be part of something bigger than yourself.