Innovation Research

Value creation in global networks

Finland and Finnish companies in global value networks
Etlatieto: Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö

In this project, we will study the operations of Finnish firms in global value networks. We pay special attention to the creation and geographical distribution of value added by examining value added on the product-level. Moreover, subprojects investigate the impact of offshoring strategies on the productivity, profitability and wages of domestic units using statistical methods. We also study the significance of science-driven researcher networks in the commercialization of scientific results in the areas of energy-, environmental-, nano-, and biotechnologies. Furthermore, we develop a tool facilitating in the approximation of costs and welfare impacts incurred by the implementation of new technologies in the said areas.

Global Networks in Finance of Innovation
Aalto University: Markku Maula

The importance of global networks in the finance of innovation has increased during the recent years. This project will create new knowledge on the role and importance of global networks in the finance of innovation as well as strategies for entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers in small innovative economies like Finland. This new knowledge helps to increase the impact of Finnish innovation finance and the success of Finnish growth companies and their investors in the global economy.