Innovation Research

System-level changes and innovation

Theme for 2011

Global challenges, such as climate change, require radical innovations and system-level changes in the economy and in society more generally. System-level change refers to simultaneous and broad-based change in operating models, structures and the interaction between them. They can create frontrunner opportunities amongst companies, and are necessary for more sustainable growth. Finland has a lot of strengths with which it can respond to the opportunities that accompany global challenges. Nonetheless, and understanding of the sources, barriers to and requirements for system-level changes is still in its infancy.

The goal of innovation research in 2011 is to produce views on the possibilities and bottlenecks of system-level changes in different fields. The 2011 research projects are grouped according to the following themes:

1. Achieving, monitoring and forecasting system-level changes and innovations

2. Opportunities and bottlenecks of system-level changes

3. Green and sustainable growth – policy opportunities and challenges