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Regenerative medicine

Biomaterial and regenerative medicine research expertise in Finland focuses on different biomaterials for orthopaedic and dental use, as well as on developing stem cell applications for the treatment and diagnostics of various nervous system, heart, bone, cartilage and soft tissue-related diseases.

Most of the research is done in Tampere, Turku and Helsinki.

  • For example, the BioMediTech Institute in Tampere focuses on regenerative medicine and translational research on biomedicine and biomechanical technology
  • The development of advanced biomaterials and bioabsorbable implants and device solutions for various fields of surgery is strong both in Tampere and Turku
  • The Helsinki region focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of congenital defects, as well as on the design of regenerative therapies

Commercial successes include a bioabsorbable antibiotic-releasing screw by Bioretec Ltd, which is used in orthopaedic operations. Research on bioactive glass, which is being done in Turku, represents another area of success; it includes, for example, commercially available bioactive and bioresorbable silica and titanium oxides for orthopaedics and cranio-maxillofacial and spinal surgeries.

In academic research, future possibilities lie in new innovative biomaterials and in utilizing the stem cell technologies that have been developed.

The following links include some examples of organizations with regenerative medicine and biomaterial expertise in Finland:

Biotech/pharma companies

BBS – Bioactive Bone Substitute Ltd
Bioretec Ltd
BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd
ConMed Corporation
DelSiTech Ltd
Finnish Red Cross (Blood Services)
Inion Oy
Onbone Oy
Osteofix Oy
Ozics Oy
Scaffdex Oy 
Stick Tech Ltd

Academic research

Bioactive Glass Research Group
BioCenter Finland – StemCells and Biomaterials
BioMediTech Institute 
IBT – Institute of Biomedical Technology
Institute of Biotechnology in Helsinki 
TCBC – Turku Clinical Biomaterials Centre
TUT – Institute of Biomaterials in Tampere


National Biobanks of Finland
Regea’s tissue bank 

ICT solutions

Mediware Oy