Pharma Finland

Formulation and drug delivery

Finnish formulation and drug delivery research has expertise in hormonal therapy and contraception, viral vectors and complex multi-drug tablet formulations.

Technological development from traditional pharmaceutical “packaging formulation” towards controlled drug delivery and release has been rapid.

Examples of Finnish success stories include:

  • Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals’ (Bayer Oy) globally marketed intrauterine contraceptive device, levonorgestrel 
  • Orion Corporation’s new multi-drug entacapone-carbidopa-levodopa tablet formulation for Parkinson’s disease
  • Ark Therapeutics Group plc has developed a completely new gene-based sitimagene ceradenovec for treating patients with operable high-grade glioma; the drug is based on Ark’s viral vector technology platform

Another example of Finnish research into gene therapy is Oncos Therapeutics Ltd’s development of oncolytic viruses for cancer therapeutics.

At the moment, the most innovative research focuses on gene therapy, nano-enabled drug delivery technology, for example for age-related eye diseases, and on combining cell and biomaterial technologies for drug release.

The leading Finnish research centres in this technology area are located in Helsinki, Kuopio and Tampere.

The following links include some examples of organizations with formulation and drug delivery technology expertise in Finland:

Biotech/pharma companies

ArkTherapeutics Group plc
Ayanda Oy 
Bayer Oy
DelSiTech Ltd
Fennopharma Ltd
Galena Ltd 
Medfiles Ltd
Orion Corporation
Santen Oy
Vitabalans Oy

Academic research

A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences
BioCenter Finland
Cancer Gene Therapy group in Helsinki
Center for Drug Research
Division of Pharmaceutical Technology in Helsinki
DRDC – The Drug Research and Development Center
FIMM – Molecular Medicine