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Biologicals, incl. vaccines

Finnish development of original biological drugs and advanced therapies for more personalised medicine gets its momentum from innovative animal diseases models, bioimaging systems and advanced high-throughput applications. Finnish GMP contract manufactures and CRO companies have the special know-how required for collaborating with biological medicine developers. Many biological drugs and vaccines invented in Finland are in preclinical or clinical phases right now.

Fimea, the Finnish Medicines Agency, is continuously developing its expertise in biological medicines. Fimea’s experts have been in several key roles in committees and working groups preparing EU guidelines for biologicals and biotechnological products.

Finnish vaccination programmes against serious infectious diseases, such as childhood polio, meningitis and Hib, are world famous. Education and research on virology are at a high level, as is vaccination compliance. A great deal of basic research and commercial research activities on vaccines are ongoing; the foremost examples of research organisations include Vactia’s vaccine R&D consortium in Tampere and the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki.

At the moment, the research is focused on, for example, developing a human papillomavirus against cervical cancer (HPV) and a pneumococcal vaccination against several bacterial inflammations. Vactech Oy is developing innovative vaccines against type 1 diabetes, while FIT Biotech Oy is concentrating on HIV vaccines and GTU® vaccine technologies; both companies are located in Tampere.

The following links include some examples of organizations with biologicals and vaccine expertise in Finland:

Biotech/pharma companies

Ark Therapeutics Group plc
Aurealis Pharma Ltd 
Biotie Therapies Corporation
Faron Pharmaceuticals Ltd 
Finnish Red Cross (Blood Services) 
FIT Biotech Oy
Hermo Pharma Oy
Laurantis Pharma Oy
Oncos Therapeutics Ltd 
Vactech Oy

Academic research

A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences
FIMM – Molecular Medicine
IBT – Institute of Biomedical Technology
National Institute for Health and Welfare 
VTT – Technical research Centre of Finland

Vaccines registeries and biobanks

Finnish Medicines Agency
Finnish Red Cross (Blood Services)
National Institute for Health and Welfare 


Biovian Oy
Crown CRO Oy
FinnMedi Oy
Galilaeus Oy
Macrocrystal Oy
Medfiles Ltd
Medipolis GMP Ltd 
SYRINX Bioanalytics Oy     

ICT solutions

Mediware Oy