Online income models presented in Mediapäivä

Date: Wed 25.11.2015

Google, the search engine giant and Blendle, sometimes referred to as journalistic Spotify, are both represented in the Mediapäivä main event on 25 November 2015.

The Dutch Blendle has sparked interest both among the public and inside the media industry. Head of Blende International Sebastiaan Lemmens will tell the Mediapäivä audience about how online contents can be served to audiences with irresistible ease.

The other international keynote speech is about understanding the consumer. What should Finnish companies learn about understanding and analysing online consumer behaviour? Director Madhav Chinnappa from the Google News Partnerships unit will share his thoughts on the matter.

Tekes is partner in the Mediapäivä event.

Mediapäivä seminar on 25 November 2015 in Marina Congress Center in Helsinki.

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