Towards a smart, networked and cybersecure digital society: IEEE conference

Cybersecurity, big data, digitality and 5G are the key words at the IEEE conference. Hundreds of researchers in the field from around the world expected to attend. Tekes' 5thGear programme aims to create new business based on next generation wireless data communications.
Date: Thu 20.08.2015

All of the themes being addressed at the conference are current and important factors in 5G. 5G is coming to the market at the end of the decade, and the majority of its innovation work will be done in the next few years. The aim of 5G technology is to carry out highly secure information transmission. This is the target in order to prevent the denial-of-service attacks that occurred in Finland early this year.

"Cybersecurity, privacy and big data and the related future wireless solutions are on the agenda of the 5thGear, Industrial Internet and Bits of Health programmes. Our goal in the 5thGear is to utilise cooperation between companies and research institutions to create new business based on next generation wireless data communications and rocketing Finland as the leading target for international investments," states Programme Manager Mika Klemettinen.

More than 500 scientific research articles had already been submitted to the conference by the beginning of June. The Finnish science community is strongly represented at the conference in the form of projects run by Tekes and the Academy of Finland. Tekes will also be present at the conference and is one of its partners: the conference themes play a central role in many of ongoing Tekes programmes.

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