TribaLearning joins diverse education companies at Slush

The Finnish company TribaLearning is creating a unique learning ecosystem with its innovative technology.

Technology has advanced, but in many ways education has not. Sometimes new technologies are merely replacements for old tools and nothing is improved. Electronic documents are used just like books, and online testing simply replaces grading by hand. TribaLearning plans to change all that.

"In a nutshell, TRIBA creates a learning space for each student," says Mervi Palander, CEO of TribaLearning. "In that space they study, they collaborate and they find study materials that best match their individual needs. As the learning takes place, students can follow their progress with their Learning Tracker and also receive guidance how to optimise their study efforts."

TRIBA is an online open, social learning platform. Raw data is gathered on users rating digital material and the value of the ratings is clustered using a unique algorithm. When the collected sample of data is of a sufficient size, separate individuals appear as groups which the company calls learning tribes.

"What makes our Learning Tracker different is that it does not only measure study time and similar statistics," Palander continues. "Instead, our analytics show the student what really impacts his learning and motivation with an insight to stress and emotional factors. This unique analytical approach has been developed in cooperation with Helsinki University and other leading universities."

The Finnish company is creating an entire ecosystem which brings higher education entities together on one platform. Just like a mobile app store, users can pick and choose education content, learning tools and applications which are either free or purchased.

"Users can also upload content that is created either individually or in groups," says Palander. "The amount of education materials on TRIBA is unlimited, thus opening up the whole internet for learning purposes."

On to Slush

TribaLearning was founded in 2011 by a team of experts in digital learning solutions. They began developing the TRIBA tool in 2013 and currently have several commercial pilot programs ongoing.

The firm is one of almost 70 education companies coming to Slush, one of the premiere high-tech and start-up events in Europe. The education scene is particularly vibrant, with dozens of Finnish start-ups offering everything from maths games to technology for learning languages. TribaLearning hope to interest potential investors at Slush.

"TribaLearning will have its own stand in the EduTech area where we will demonstrate our solution. What is really exciting is we shall reveal our mobile application Learning Tracker for the first time," Palander concludes. "We also have the honour to go on stage to pitch. We are very much looking forward to this amazing opportunity to impress the investors and media coming to Slush."

The Tekes Learning Solutions Programme funds and fosters development of new learning tools for the 21st century. Through the programme, Tekes funds ambitious innovation projects that aim at commercialization to international markets. TribaLearning and many other innovative young companies participate in the Tekes Learning Solutions Programme. You can meet the companies and hear them present at Slush Edutech track.


Text: David J. Cord

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