The ELY Centre for Southwest Finland – Flood risk warning system


Behind the procurement were the shortcomings in the comprehensive flood risk management, for which new solutions were wanted. The development needs were related to flood prediction attributes, utilisation of flood damage estimates and support systems for decision making in flood situations, among other things.

Means to promote innovations

The procurement was a product pilot, where the supplier, in close cooperation with the buyer, developed a new solution. From the very start, it was clear to the supplier that it was a pilot and that the end result needn't be fully ready for deployment after the product. The company carried the responsibility for the product development work, but the buyer was actively involved, commenting and supporting the development work, as a result of which a pilot solution was created.

Benefits for different groups


  • A new solution for a significant need for the society. A comparable result couldn't have been achieved in a traditional way, in which the detailed criteria have been set already before the procurement takes place.

Supplier company

  • The company had the opportunity to do product development interactively with the buyer. This considerably strengthened the understanding of customer requirements and improved the end result.
  • The company created a new solution, which it currently is further developing for national markets. In addition, the company is planning to enter international markets.
  • The company created new contacts, for example with the buyer's stakeholders, which will be important to it in the future.
Eero Lukin
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