Tekes' Skene programme's funding for game companies already EUR 19 million

During Skene, Finland has received a remarkable amount of private funding, international players and the turnover of the Finnish game industry is about to exceed one billion euros.

Skene – Games Refueled programme was launched in 2012 to support the Finnish game industry and game companies aiming for rapid international growth. Skene has already funded innovative company R&D projects and research projects linked closely to business with almost EUR 19 million. The number of company projects in Skene is 56 and research projects eight. Most funded companies have been start-ups. Mobile rules, but Finland has a healthy game industry with platform coverage of major consoles and PC as well.

The Finnish game industry received appr. EUR 27 million in private funding in 2014. Most of it went to companies that have had a project in Skene programme. We can conclude that Tekes funding is an effective means of sharing risk when building future success stories of our game industry and attracting foreign investments and companies to establish a game studio here. As EA, Ubisoft, Unity and co. have shown.

Turnover of the industry will quite certainly exceed EUR one billion this year and the number of employees has risen fast. Albeit a couple of companies make most of the profit in the industry, we have all the reasons to believe that future will hold new global stars made in Finland.

Skene will advance next year with full throttle, even though it is our last operative year. Tekes will continue to fund Finnish game companies, attracting venture capital and global players, networking and offering market data.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kari Korhonen
Programme Manager, Skene

Kaj Nordgren
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