Tekes is launching programmes to utilise digital technology

Digital technology is in a key position in new programmes when companies renew and seek international growth. A decision on launching the programmes is to be made in October.

The industrial internet programme encourages companies, regardless of their industrial branch, to create completely new kinds of business models and services through digital technology. The goal of the Health from Bits (Terveyttä biteistä) programme is to raise Finland to be a concentration of digital health, in which internationally successful companies grow and develop. The goal of the 5thGear programme is to keep Finland at the top in wireless technology competence, as a country in which new solutions are piloted and foreign investments are solicited.

There are many encouraging examples in Finland on the utilisation of digital technology, but many more are needed – without delay. Mekitec brings intelligence to quality control of foodstuffs and CyberLightning visualises the data produced by various sensors. Greenled moved the production of LED illumination solutions back to Finland from China and is developing them so that they will be smarter than before. Enevo brought on massive changes in waste collection with its sensors.

In the Tekes funding application process, the search is specifically for equivalent new success stories utilising digital technology. Applications are accepted until 16 October.

"Digital technology knows no boundaries between fields of activity, and it waits for nobody. The time is here and now. Finland's strong ICT competence is a trump card that we need to understand and know how to use. Dig the product development ideas that you haven't use out of their closets, do something new, test and pilot ideas. We can split the costs", says Tekes Director-General Pekka Soini.

The cost of the programmes is estimated at EUR 300 million, and Tekes' share is about EUR 150 million.

Tekes is also launching a campaign to encourage small and medium enterprises to hire people skilled in digital business to improve productivity and competitiveness. Tekes can pay half of an employee's pay for a fixed period (6-12 months). The aim is to offer permanent employment to those with digital expertise.

Further information

Industrial internet
Mr. Marko Heikkinen
tel. +358 50 5577 773
marko.heikkinen (at) tekes.fi

Health from Bits (Terveyttä biteistä)
Ms. Auli Pere
tel. +358 50 5577 799
auli.pere (at) tekes.fi

Mr. Mika Klemettinen
tel. +358 50 5577 647
mika.klemettinen (at) tekes.fi

Kaj Nordgren
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