State Award for Public Information to semantic web developer

Aalto University professor Eero Hyvönen has worked with information linking web ontologies since 2003 with Tekes as main funder.

Hyvönen has headed the FinnONTO and Linked Data Finland projects that aim to create an infrastructure and pilot applications for open linked data in Finland. Data infrastructure offers organisations ready national-level web services and data materials for publishing and enhancing information via the web.

The idea behind linked open data is to improve the linking of datasets from different sources into more enhanced and intelligent services as much as and as cost effectively as possible. When two datasets are linked to one another, each one is enhanced.

The results have already been put into practice also in Finland; examples include the Kirjasampo web service used by public libraries and the National Library of Finland's Finto Thesaurus and Ontology service.

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Kaj Nordgren
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