Startups competed in Skolkovo Startup Village

In early June Startup Village brought players of the startup world, investors and public players, to Skolkovo in Moscow. Taking part in the competition for startup companies were 750 enterprises, including some from Finland.

Skolkovo organises a startup Village event annually to seek out the best Russian and foreign startup companies. Startup Village is the biggest and most important event in the field in Russia.

Finland and Finnish startups were taking part in Startup Village for the first time this year. The aim of Skolkovo is to create international cooperation and to develop into a global player. Finland is an important partner for Skolkovo. Skolkovo has contracts with Tekes and with Startup Sauna.

Finnish startups compete

This year 750 startups took part in the Startup Village pitching competition. Four Finnish startup companies registered for the event: Avansera, Music Info Finland, Pixpolar and Tabletkoulu.

The evaluation panel included three persons from Tekes: Director General Pekka Soini, Director Eero Silvennoinen, and Chief Adviser Pauli Noronen.

In addition to judging the pitches, Soini, Silvennoinen, and Noronen rewarded three Russian companies with free tickets to Slush, which will be held in Helsinki in November 2014. The startups that were invited to Slush are CyberTech, which applies top research in cybernetics to smart toy robots, X-Turion, which manufactures service robots for smart homes, and Oriense, which has developed top-level sensor technology to assist the visually impaired in moving around.

Funding and support for cooperation among companies

Tekes and Skolkovo share a funding programme, which supports collaborative projects of Finnish and Russian technology companies. Tekes funds Finnish partners, and Skolkovo the Russian ones.

Second cooperation channel through FASIE

Companies can also make use of the agreement between Tekes and FASIE in their Russian cooperation. In collaborative projects, companies can develop innovative products, services, and processes. Tekes funds Finnish participants in joint projects and FASIE the Russian ones.

In Moscow Tekes Director General Pekka Soini and FASIE Director General Sergey Polyakov signed an agreement to continue the cooperation. Tekes and FASIE have organised four joint application procedures, in which about 20 joint projects have received funding.

For more information please contact

Eero Silvennoinen
tel. +358 50 5577 813
eero.silvennoinen (at)

Skolkovo cooperation:
Pauli Noronen
tel. +358 50 5577 863
pauli.noronen (at)

FASIE cooperation:
Sari Federley
tel. +358 400 359 222
sari.federley (at)

Pictures: Eero Silvennoinen

Anne Palkamo


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