Recent results of Tekes' impact on wellbeing and the environment

According to a new study, Tekes has promoted wellbeing and the state of the environment in Finland in a number of different ways. The impact has been the most positive on the level of research and development activities in companies and on the results and growth of innovation activities.

According to findings from the study, Tekes has succeeded in its goal to promote wellbeing and the state of the environment.

The study shows that companies funded by Tekes have increased their own investments in innovation activities. The number of new innovations launched on the market by companies has increased, which has boosted the growth of turnover in companies.

According to the authors, projects funded by Tekes have had an extensive social impact. Tekes funding has had a significant impact on areas including the growth of competence level, international innovation activities and entrepreneurship. Through networking and the growth of cooperation, Tekes funding has created impacts worth 1.7 times the total invested.

'According to the assessment, Tekes holds a unique position as a creator of networks between businesses and the research sector and as the enabler of the utilisation of external information. Tekes has a significant impact on the behaviour of businesses in Finland. A change in operating models in the business sector creates positive impacts in our society,' crystallises Jari Hyvärinen of Tekes, who functioned as an expert in the preparation of the review.

Finland is number one in the Eco-Innovation Index...

Several Tekes programmes have been active in the environmental sector. The studies conducted have shown significant impacts concerning the finances and the environmental business of companies. In recent years, impacts on energy and material efficiency have been highlighted in the projects.

'These efforts can also be seen in the European Eco-Innovation Index, where Finland currently holds first place. This creates a good starting point for Finnish companies in the growing cleantech market,' says Executive Director Teija Lahti-Nuuttila from Tekes.

... and at the top of international comparisons on wellbeing

The Finnish society as a whole is at the top of international comparisons on wellbeing. With such a large public health and welfare sector, cooperation between the private and the public sector is necessary. The wellbeing and health sector offers a wide range of opportunities for companies.

'In the recently published growth strategy for research and innovation activities in the health sector, the central ministries perceive the area of wellbeing and health as an important foundation for Finnish business life and as a booster for the growth of international business,' says Executive Director Minna Hendolin from Tekes.

Networks and partnerships central in the building of competence

The review on the impact of Tekes activities on wellbeing and the environment was conducted by Technopolis BV, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Statistics Finland. According to the researchers, the social impact of Tekes is related to its capacity to create networks, introduce relevant partners to the cooperation and provide an opportunity for the utilisation of external expertise.

Tekes programmes and cooperation with research organisations have played an important part in the construction of central competences. This has promoted­ the renewal of Finnish industry and the creation of­ ecologically more sustainable products.

Tekes Review 308/2014: The impact of Tekes activities on wellbeing and environment (pdf)

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